Batterie lithium-ion, le meilleur rapport qualité-prix jamais réalisé !

2023-10-10 16:00

According to the China Lithium-Ion Battery Industrial Development White Paper, published by EV Tank, China YiWei Institute of Economics and China Battery Industrial Research Institute, demands for replacing traditional lead-acid (L/A) batteries with lithium-ion (L/I) technology are soaring, owing to the remarkable progress made in lithium-ion technology over the past 20 years.                         

EV Tank forecasts that China's lead-acid battery industry will still maintain positive growth in the following two years. If we take into account that with the decline in the cost of lithium-ion batteries manufacturing, increasingly marked advantages of lithium-ion batteries and sound industrialization achieved in lithium-ion battery sector make it an inevitable trend that lithium-ion battery will take the place of lead-acid battery in the market. In this case, a year-on-year slow decrease of China's lead-acid battery shipments is expected to start in 2024 (as shown in the graph below). Lithium-ion battery products are replacing lead-acid batteries in all scenarios. Calculated on the basis of global lead-acid battery shipments of more than 500GWh per year, the current global battery market is nearly 300 billion dollars of market potential. Obviously, considering performance and new national battery standards, in many ways, lithium-ion battery has shown some advantages which lead-acid batteries are unable to compete with.

Better Technology Group Limited (hereinafter Better Group) has been delving deep into energy industry for over a decade and devoted to customer needs. Over the recent years, Better Group has taken the lead in the energy industry to realize synergistic development within the entire industrial chain of lead-acid battery R&D and production while building a bridge to link with lithium-ion battery storage systems. Better Group is also committed to providing customers worldwide with battery manufacturing turn-key solutions, lead-acid to lithium battery replacement designs and solutions, new energy zero-carbon solutions, and solutions for photovoltaic energy storage applications, and exploring the green future of power and energy industries with long-term strategic planning.

Lithium-ion battery replacement solution for lead-acid battery, RV battery, nondestructive upgrading

Lithium-ion battery replacement solution for lead-acid battery introduced in this article is one of the core businesses of Better Group. We offer ODM/OEM customization services and tailor-made integrated battery manufacturing solutions in terms of the needs of different customers in different scenarios such as motorcycle/forklift/RV/ship/new energy vehicle batteries, emergency power supply, solar energy base station and other application scenarios.


Lithium-ion Battery Replacement Designs and Solutions for Lead-acid Battery

--Available for ODM/OEM--

1. Light: lighter weight, portable to carry around.

2. Fast: lithium iron phosphate battery packs, super charging, no memory effect; charge it anytime you like.

3. Strong: high energy density, strong load carrying capacity.

4. Endurable: ultra-long service life and excellent quality-price performance. (Regular lead-acid batteries only last for 150~300 cycles, ternary batteries 300~1000 cycles, lithium iron phosphate 2000~3000 cycles, 7~10 times the service life compared with regular lead-acid batteries)

5. Premium Quality: lithium iron phosphate (LifePO4) cells, excellent safety property, long cycle life.

6. Widely Applicable : applicable for a wide range of temperatures and different fields.

7. Safety Guaranteed: built-in intelligent IC protection board, safe and reliable, high precision control, anti-interference, fully-charging automatic power-off protection, over-charging/over-discharging/over-current/ over-temperature/short-circuit protection and equalization charging function.

8. Flexible Configuration (available for customization): according to specific needs, those batteries are available for multiple parallel connections; besides you can also assemble them into a larger capacity battery pack which features good compatibility.


For global sustainable development—with the growing awareness of environmental protection, rechargeable batteries with unique advantages such as recyclable, will continue to catch on in the coming future. As one of the important products in the battery industry, lithium-ion batteries are becoming more and more advantageous, and they are the key products for the future development of rechargeable battery industry.

Not matter what it means to corporate or individual economic benefits—anyway, as the time goes on, the limitations of lead-acid battery’s quality-price ratio will be more obvious. Lithium-ion batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries in terms of energy density, cycle life, energy conversion efficiency, etc. With the declines in lithium-ion battery prices, lithium-ion battery quality-price ratio is gradually increasing and every single service cycle will cost less than that of lead-acid batteries. 


After more than two decades of development, Lithium-ion battery has proved its unrivaled performance in chemical secondary battery types, and its application scenarios have been continuously expanding and upgrading in recent years. Driving forces such as lithium-ion battery favored-policy, progress made in battery performance and sustainability, reduction in production cost really give a much needed boost to the growth and vitality of lithium-ion battery market.



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